Form I-9 Download

Are you looking for an easy-to-follow guide on how to download and fill out the latest USCIS I-9 form in 2023? Look no further! This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to accurately complete the I-9 form and ensure you're in compliance with U.S. employment eligibility requirements. Follow these simple steps to print and fill out the I-9 online.

Step 1: Access the Most Updated Version of the I-9 Form

The very first step to completing and submitting the I-9 form hassle-free is to access the most updated version for the year you need it. To download the free printable i-9 form for 2023, simply click on the "Get Form" button above. You can save the template in a couple of formats, but people usually prefer PDF.

Step 2: Print the I-9 Form with Ease

Once you have located the most recent template, it's time to print the I-9 form. Ensure that you have a reliable printer with enough ink and clean paper of 8.5x11 inches size. Do not print the form double-sided for best results, as it may create issues when submitting the application to the employer.

Step 3: Understand the I-9 Form Instructions

Before you start filling out the I-9 form, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the instructions and requirements. Carefully review the guidelines provided alongside the form on the same page. These instructions highlight the form's purpose, document requirements for each section, and clarify any potential misunderstandings or questions while filling out the form. Keep in mind that the I-9 form is divided into three sections, with each section requiring specific information:

  • Section 1: Employee's Information and Attestation
  • Section 2: Employer's or Authorized Representative's Review and Verification
  • Section 3: Reverification and Rehires (when applicable)

Step 4: Fill Out the I-9 Online Accurately

Once you've thoroughly reviewed the instructions, you can fill out the I-9 online using a PDF reader. You can also print the form and handwrite the required information using blue or black ink. Remember to be accurate, consistent, and legible while entering the details. In Section 1, provide your personal information, sign, and date the form. Upon completion, pass the form to your employer, who must fill out Section 2.

Step 5: Ensuring Compliance With the USCIS I-9 Form in 2023

Completing the I-9 form involves verifying your identity and employment authorization with acceptable documents. Ensure that you provide the required documents to your employer - you can either use one document from List A or a combination of one document from List B and one from List C. See instructions for a full list of acceptable documents. Employers are required to complete Section 2 within three business days of your employment start date.

Step 6: Store the Completed I-9 Form Safely

Once the employee and employer have filled out their respective sections, the completed I-9 form should be kept on file by the employer for either three years after the employee's hire date or one year after their employment terminates, whichever is later.

By following this comprehensive guide, downloading and completing the I-9 form in 2023 should be a swift and painless experience. Remember to stay consistent and vigilant while providing information and submitting the I-9 form for a smooth hiring and onboarding process.